Junkyspot Hujoo Freya

Freya is a new anthro BJD collab project between Hujoo and and US retailer JunkySpot. Of course I can’t resist the kitties, and the fact that she can wear Azone Pureneemo clothes is an extra plus! And this is really for real my last faceup for a while, I’m completely out of MSC.

Custom SQ-labs Miyuki

I happened to get my hands on SQ-labs‘s Miyuki head, which had been on my wishlist for a little while. My plan was to give her a really cute and cheerful expression, and insert a bit more smiley-ness into the sculpt by painting darker corners on the mouth. She looked quite strange on the DD3…


Pattern for MDD socks

This cute outfit from Volks called for some cute socks to match! The pattern is similar to the sock pattern for Dollfie Dream, just scaled to fit Mini DD. I used the same fabric as in the pattern for MDD panties, so if you needed to make adjustments for stretch in that case then do…