Supabonbon and Amanita (KikiPOP)

Since my KikiPOP girl Amanita arrived, I wanted to find more cute outfits for her. After prowling around Esty I discovered SupaBonBon, a Chinese workshop that sews adorable outfits for Blythe, Kiki, etc. About 2 months after I ordered, a small parcel with the set arrived – dress, petticoat, stockings, and bloomer. They didn’t have…


MDD Arle Arrival

I’d pretty much given up on getting Arle since I lost the lottery, the aftermarket prices were steep, and the exchange rate tanked. But my WTB post was still active and so I managed to snag her after all! And she is even cuter in person, boy howdy! Apologies for the poor photos of her…


New SD Anais Boy Faceup

A couple months ago I got my first SD boy in the form of a fixer-upper Anais one-off from Japan. His faceup was damaged but had charm so I incorporated some of the look into his new faceup. It’s pretty obvious in these photos that the Oldskin body is a bad match, I’m glad I…


Boyish DDH-07

Lately I’ve been more into boy BJD, and since Volks is slow to release any male DD and the Smart Doll boy didn’t win my heart, I’ve been seeking alternatives. I’m still working on my boy-Anais faceup (almost done!) but meanwhile I also got inspired to make a boyish DDH-07 custom. Working on two fellas…


Flower Coat Mariko

Mariko has been sporting this cute look lately. I like her as a redhead! The wig is from Lullaby Poem, eyes are handmade, and outfit is Volks (the shoes and stockings are from other sets). Oh, and I made her hairband :)

Little Miss Yui

Featuring Miss Yui with another cute MDD set ^_^ Lucky for me, older MDD sets from Volks are usually pretty cheap on yahoo auctions, so I’ve managed to clear my wishlist pretty easily. I found this set at the same time as Yui, but I didn’t plan on her becoming MDD so I wasn’t expecting…