Revolutionary Girl Utena doll

Pre-orders are open for Azone’s 1/3 scale Tenjou Utena doll! No worries if you haven’t heard of this character, the series Revolutionary Girl Utena is 15 years old, but due to the anniversary new merchandise is getting released. I’m a mega fan of this series, and until I saw the announcement from Azone in February…


cherry maid brigade

I didn’t think the full apron went well with the red maid dress, so of course I sewed another dress! It’s the same pattern as Yuki’s red maid dress, using a pink cherry patterned fabric with black lace and ribbon trims, and a couple of cute cherry hairclips. This time I made new socks, too.

Yuki maid

Finished my first project from the pattern book! After a few trial runs I finished the ‘One-piece miniskirt’ ‘Short apron’ ‘Small cuffs’ ‘Short petticoat’ and ‘Frill headband’. The socks are borrowed from the swallowtail maid set, though the book’s pattern is pretty similar to my own sock pattern. The dress is fully lined so I…