Flower Coat Mariko

Mariko has been sporting this cute look lately. I like her as a redhead! The wig is from Lullaby Poem, eyes are handmade, and outfit is Volks (the shoes and stockings are from other sets). Oh, and I made her hairband :)

Little Miss Yui

Featuring Miss Yui with another cute MDD set ^_^ Lucky for me, older MDD sets from Volks are usually pretty cheap on yahoo auctions, so I’ve managed to clear my wishlist pretty easily. I found this set at the same time as Yui, but I didn’t plan on her becoming MDD so I wasn’t expecting…


DD Yui Hirasawa Arrival

It’s been a few weeks since she’s arrived, but here’s a quick look at my new girl DD Yui! She’s one of those girls that’s been on my wishlist for ages, but she was never super popular or expensive so I kept postponing looking for her. Now it’s hard to understand because seeing her in…


Kikipop Arrival

So this cutie finally arrived! When ordering her it was hard to choose between the pink and brown versions, but the chocolate bunny concept ended up being too cute to resist. Overall the fullset quality is ‘pretty good’, it’s Azone so like usual there’s stray threads and the shoes could be better. Her bunny hood…


Spring Yuki and Kirika

Changing seasons mean changing outfits~ Yuki looks great in a fantasy theme dress with home made flower crown, but of course Yuki looks good in everything. I like how her dark eyes always seem to meet your gaze. For these photos I reduced the contrast and brightened the darker values to create an atmospheric, dreamy…


Faceup Progress

Been too busy for photos lately, I’ve got some art-related projects going on as well as doll faceups and eye making. I decided to wipe my Anais boy’s faceup, the original was a bit too damaged by the mods for me to bother trying to salvage. I did like his smokey eyes so I’m going…


Volks SD Anais boy

My Anais boy arrived! At least, I’m pretty certain he’s Anais, but there’s no paperwork and the headplate indicates he’s a one-off. Inside the head there’s a number ‘4’ carved but no faceup artist info. He’s totally a fixer-upper, his old SD10 body is janky and his faceup has some damage. Still, he’s pretty charming…