Modifying DDH-01

Recently I acquired the DDH-01 softcap head (closed eyes) to play around with. Volks was out of stock of the new open-eyed heads, and since my intention was to mod I went ahead and got the closed eyed.   Setup and tools include the trusty paper plate and paper towel, face mask, various grades sanding…


Swimsuit Saber Yuki v2

Some advances were made in my indoor lighting setup – I finally got my two external flashes synced properly! The primary problem is that, even with 2 external flashes, the pop-up flash of the Canon 7D will still fire. The popup is way to harsh for close-up shots, and creates undesirable cast shadows. The next…


Erio renewal

Took advantage of the nice weather to rework Erio’s face a bit.Still not perfect, but it’s a relief to fix bits that had bothered me for months! And each time I work, my technique improves a bit. Practice and all that.Instead of removing the eyelashes, I protected them from spray sealant with a bit of…


Bianca casual

Got a cute new casual outfit for Bianca (azone pureneemo raili)Even at this tiny size the details are very nice! She looks like the girls I saw in Shinjuku this past May, very stylish :)