Halloween Speck

While I had my fall set still assembled, I took a few pics of Miss Speck. She can wear a few odd Azone clothes, though the S and M shirts are generally too small. Azone needs to make more L size outfits for her and Sena!

Witchy Chihaya

I made a cute Halloween costume especially for Chihaya. Since her body is unique, I designed an outfit that would show off the one-piece torso and SS bust. She’s a witch but also an idol, so it’s a very cute and colorful sort of witch. Sometimes my imagination exceeds my sewing ability, but I hope…


Making Resin Eyes – step by step

After doing a few batches of resin eyes, I’ve gotten nice enough results to document the process. It’s not a perfect product, but these type of eyes are a great way to test out designs and create a custom anime character. A few basic safety rules: follow the instructions for these products very precisely, especially…