Updated: Pattern for MDD sock

New and improved! Mini Dollfie Dream sock pattern, now better than before. It includes a small allowance which is sufficient for most stretchy fabrics, test your materials and add more if needed. I also noted lengths for a thigh-high and over-knee style sock, assuming you have about 1cm hem at the top.

Custom DDH-02

I started modding this head back in spring, and finally got a chance to finish her faceup. She’s officially my last custom of 2014 ^_^ My first custom DDH-02 was ‘Mirielle’ but I sent her to a new home. When semi-white skin was released, I knew it was perfect for the character, so now I…


Custom DDH-08

I finally got to finish my DDH-08 girl! She was a prize from the Volks USA DD faceup poll earlier this summer, I came in second place. To make her look more cute and youthful, I gave her big chunky eyebrows and extended her smile a bit. This head is surprisingly small, so I ended…


Lorina Arrives!

Last night I got a large package from Volks USA… it was wrapped like a Christmas present! Inside was a nice note signed by all the Volks USA staff! And Lorina too *_* Because she’s a one-off from the Volks Holiday Greeting event, she was already dressed and assembled except for the wig, hat, and…


Holiday Melty

It’s not the same Christmas Melty that Volks just released, I gave my (original) Melty a cute Christmas look ^_^ Dress and accessories are made by me, the blouse is Volks lolita blouse. I always snatch up their basic blouses, for the price it’s worth not having to sew them! And any lace and trims…


Winter Miki

I have a backlog of cute outfits I need to photograph! My photo gear was being finicky the past weeks, so I’m happy to have it back in action properly again. Here’s Miki with a cute white Volks dress, almost has a Christmas feeling. The shoes- gosh, I love them so much, I had to…