Making Resin Eyes – step by step

After doing a few batches of resin eyes, I’ve gotten nice enough results to document the process. It’s not a perfect product, but these type of eyes are a great way to test out designs and create a custom anime character. A few basic safety rules: follow the instructions for these products very precisely, especially…


Lady Wizard set review

With Volks’ last outfit release I had my sights set on the 3 fantasy-themed outfits, and when the click wars came around I was able to narrow my objective to a single set: Lady Wizard. Although the sets sold out very fast I was at least able to acquire my primary target, as well as…


Saber swimsuit

… or, More Sexy Time with Hoodie. I do really like how girls in swimsuits look with athletic wear on top. Maybe I should sew a duplicate of the Olympic dive team’s jackets, those were nifty. Of course, Saber’s not going to be able to swim competitively with that setup – the swimsuit, I mean!

Sailor Mariko

I sewed a cute sailor set for Mariko ♪ The set consists of shirt, lined skirt, bow, choker, hair ribbon, and socks. The sailor collar doesn’t work as well as I’d like, because the synthetic fabric is too slick to double up that way. Cotton with interfacing reinforcement will be my choice next time.


Gallery Update

My neglected photo gallery got a much-needed update today! Please find new eye-candies in the following flavors: 2013 – lots of new pics! Phone wallpaper – new category! Tall and slender images for your handheld devices. PC wallpaper – updated with fresh content. Note that the wallpaper categories get refreshed occasionally, so be sure to…


frilly Mariko

Cutie Mariko is modeling one of my home-made outfits this time, with her default wig. Unfortunately the wig has the same issue that other folks had with Saber and Rise wigs – the ponytail style keeps the cap from stretching, making it very hard to get on. I ended up turning it inside-out and carefully…