Dollybird vol. 21 Flip Review

The theme for this volume is “One of a Kind”. Features include how to customize vintage dolls, Dollfie Dream lingerie patterns, Mini DD patterns and faceup tutorial from Dolchu, Kikipop review and patterns, and customizing faceups for Ruruko dolls. Dollybird is a Japanese doll hobby magazine/book that releases several issues each year, usually filled with…


DD Sanjie as Anthy

One dolly resolution I had for this year was to finally finish a custom version of one of my fave anime heroines- Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena. My attempts to dye an old DDII body weren’t successful, and at the depths of my frustrations I gave in… and got Sanjie. Sanjie is the only tan…


Dream Lorina

When I got ahold of Ranko Kanzaki’s outfit, on a whim I decided to try it on Lorina. For the most part it fits pretty well! She has the high-heel unjointed SDGrG legs currently, so the shoes wouldn’t work and the stockings don’t go quite as high as they should. The wristlet for her right…


Melty Cherry

Spring is here! Time to try out bright colors and frilly skirts. Melty is wearing this cute maid set I made a while ago, the cherry theme is perfect for this season. I’ll be enjoying the sights of spring this weekend at Sakura Con, but still haven’t decided which DD to bring. I’ll try and…


Updated: Pattern for MDD sock

New and improved! Mini Dollfie Dream sock pattern, now better than before. It includes a small allowance which is sufficient for most stretchy fabrics, test your materials and add more if needed. I also noted lengths for a thigh-high and over-knee style sock, assuming you have about 1cm hem at the top.