Sewing patterns for DD and other BJD

Sewing Patterns for DDP

  Did you know that Volks has released the DDP body as a standard item? Now you can get a cute sister for your DD or MDD dolls! To celebrate I’ve uploaded some DDP patterns to Gumroad! These patterns are free to download, but a small donation is appreciated. And of course feel free to…

Sewing Patterns on Gumroad

Exciting news! It’s been a while, but new sewing patterns will be showing up soon! In preparation, I’ve added my existing patterns to Gumroad. They’re all in one convenient spot, and you can still download them for free. If you find them useful and want to donate, that’s appreciated too :) I’m also planning to…

Updated: Pattern for MDD sock

New and improved! Mini Dollfie Dream sock pattern, now better than before. It includes a small allowance which is sufficient for most stretchy fabrics, test your materials and add more if needed. I also noted lengths for a thigh-high and over-knee style sock, assuming you have about 1cm hem at the top.