Akiba Saber

Saber borrows Moe’s outfit to go out on the town :DWith her alternate eyes, her expression is softer and she has a nice girl-next-door look. I think this outfit really suits her!

Sleeping Princess MDD

My Sleeping Princess is borrowing Lumi’s body for this photoshoot. It was a good chance to try some of my MSD-size clothes on the MDD body – they’re a bit big in the torso but the fit is otherwise fine.I’m aiming for a soft, antique/dreamy feel by using a lot of plain white props and…


Double trouble – Saber + Cirno

Two big boxes arrived! First thing I checked – yup, got that too, the dreaded ddIII shoulder crack. I can see why it happened, there’s a lot of tension on the socket without the crack. Hopefully I can get this part replaced by Volks. Couldn’t resist setting up Saber regardless. The wig wasn’t too much…


Sleeping Princess

I got the Parabox ‘Sleeping Princess’ head a while ago, but hadn’t gotten around to painting it until today. It’s a really cute sculpt, but better suited to a 40-50cm body. On the DDS it looks odd, but hopefully she’ll look nice on the MDD body. The skintone is a good match for Volks NS,…