Custom faceups, mods, and the like

SQ Lab KSG-L Chibi Tsubaki

Finished the faceup for my recently arrived SQ Lab girl! These eyes are temp, I need to find some 12mm I like for her, or maybe some animetic 14mm if they can be had. The cute outfit comes from Blue Fairy, picked up at the recent BJD expo of course. Wig and shoes are from…

Elf Asuka

This weeked I customized Asuka’s makeup a bit – re-did the lips, thinned and darkened the eyebrows, and add a bit more blush here and there. It was helpful to find out that I could mod the eyebrows without removing them, saving me some time and aggravation in getting them symmetrical. Elf ears are made…

Junkyspot Hujoo Freya

Freya is a new anthro BJD collab project between Hujoo and and US retailer JunkySpot. Of course I can’t resist the kitties, and the fact that she can wear Azone Pureneemo clothes is an extra plus! And this is really for real my last faceup for a while, I’m completely out of MSC.