Custom faceups, mods, and the like

Elf Asuka

This weeked I customized Asuka’s makeup a bit – re-did the lips, thinned and darkened the eyebrows, and add a bit more blush here and there. It was helpful to find out that I could mod the eyebrows without removing them, saving me some time and aggravation in getting them symmetrical. Elf ears are made…

Junkyspot Hujoo Freya

Freya is a new anthro BJD collab project between Hujoo and and US retailer JunkySpot. Of course I can’t resist the kitties, and the fact that she can wear Azone Pureneemo clothes is an extra plus! And this is really for real my last faceup for a while, I’m completely out of MSC.

Custom SQ-labs Miyuki

I happened to get my hands on SQ-labs‘s Miyuki head, which had been on my wishlist for a little while. My plan was to give her a really cute and cheerful expression, and insert a bit more smiley-ness into the sculpt by painting darker corners on the mouth. She looked quite strange on the DD3…