Custom faceups, mods, and the like

SDC Mina Manicure

The default SDC hands left a lot to be desired, so I carved away seams and extra resin, and gave them a nice natural blush. Since hands end up in so many of my photos, I’ll try to do more manicures in the future ^_^

Custom DDH-02

I started modding this head back in spring, and finally got a chance to finish her faceup. She’s officially my last custom of 2014 ^_^ My first custom DDH-02 was ‘Mirielle’ but I sent her to a new home. When semi-white skin was released, I knew it was perfect for the character, so now I…

Custom DDH-01

After a few false starts, I finally finished this gal! She’s a commissioned ddh-01 custom, with modded mouth, nose and eyes. Although the look is based on a custom by White Dolly Story, I ended up doing my own take on it. I think her painted mouth is especially cute ^_^

Custom DDH-08

I finally got to finish my DDH-08 girl! She was a prize from the Volks USA DD faceup poll earlier this summer, I came in second place. To make her look more cute and youthful, I gave her big chunky eyebrows and extended her smile a bit. This head is surprisingly small, so I ended…

Custom Obitsu Hybrid

Last time my mom came to visit she tried to take one of my Neemos with her! So mom is getting a custom doll for Christmas ^_^ She’s an obitsu rooted hair head on pure neemo body. I didn’t try to match the skin tone this time, but I think it’s pretty close. I wanted…