Fancy computer stuff

After 6 years my venerable PC got a major upgrade. Leocadie helped out, of course. Now we can celebrate the New Year in true nerd fashion – with an MMORPG marathon. Bonus:

Exciting Summer Vacation Set

Leo found a little package under the Christmas tree :3 Inside, a snuggly bunny and a cute new set of clothes from Volks. Here’s a quick review of the Exciting Summer Vacation Set:The pieces are well-made and could easily combined with other outfits. Fortunately the skirt, which is deep blue denim, is also lined in…

Fun with Strobist gels

I had some free time this weekend to play around with the Strobist gel collection. Meg was the subject of my experimentations. Some very nice effects can be created, especially if you can manage multiple light sources. Light red: Cyan: Pale pink: Quarter Blue: