Yaya Twins

If you find twins adorable, proceed with caution. The following content is extremely cute! Thanks to a DollfieDreams forum member, I was able to trade my custom Lucy head for a Yaya head. Not that I didn’t like Lucy, but she felt superfluous after I got Alice and I’ve been meaning to pare down my…

Sheryl Style Yuki

Yuki is borrowing Sheryl’s wig for a quick photoshoot! Her usual wig is a Volks peach pink one, but Sheryl’s was similar enough that I had to try it. She’s been rocking this cute dress all summer, but before changing had to commemorate the look in photos ^_^

DD Sheryl Nome Arrival

Guess who was waiting for me when I returned from my vacation? Right! I ordered Sheryl almost a year ago, and she’s finally here! Fortunately not as delayed as the Saber Extra pre-order, that was an awful long wait. Her box has a nicely printed slip case, better than the old yellow style but not…

Cute Summer Asuka

Took more photos of my repainted Asuka back when I was busy, and finally got a chance to process them. She looks really adorable with the DDS body ^_^ Faceup/eyes: jadepixel Wig: Dollce Top/socks: jadepixel Shorts: Alice’s Collection

Fall Fashion

With a bit more free time lately, I was able to dress some of the ladies in autumn themed attire ^_^ First up is ‘Mystical Miki’ wearing a spooky outfit I sewed a few years ago, with a Leeke wig and custom eyes. Next up is Mariko, wearing a cute Volks set I picked up…