Volks News 51

Volks News Vol 51 – new DD announced! Aoko from Fate series-   Melty from Shining Hearts- An odd assortment of new outfits this time. Moe’s bear suit- Pink leopard print in 3 sizes, and ruffly pannier- More classic outfits get an updated release- … and some nice boots.   Source: http://ameblo.jp/asse2009/entry-11394987987.html

Asuka in Black

Lately I’ve been working on a more elaborate dress based on the sweetie dress pattern, modified for L-bust. Since I don’t own many dark colored outfits, for fear of stains, I took on the challenge to sew my own :3 Asuka makes her premiere as my model today, wearing a custom wig orange-red gradient wig…

Pattern for DD witch hat

Well, it’s that time of year again- time to fatten your secret stash of chocolates and desperately seek a last-minute costume. You can get a head start by using this simple no-sew pattern for a Dollfie Dream size witch’s hat. Get it- head start? Hat? … uh, anyway. The instructions are simple, you’ll just need…

Junkyspot Hujoo Freya

Freya is a new anthro BJD collab project between Hujoo and and US retailer JunkySpot. Of course I can’t resist the kitties, and the fact that she can wear Azone Pureneemo clothes is an extra plus! And this is really for real my last faceup for a while, I’m completely out of MSC.