Hikari – Custom DDH-08

Hikari became an MDD for the latest photoshoot! It’s a pretty cute combo, right? I acquired some wishlist outfits from yahoo auctions, and even though they’re made for SDC they do fit MDD perfectly! This one is the ‘Sugar Pearl Dress’ set from 2007. Hikari is also modeling some new eyes I made, the design…

Updated: Pattern for MDD sock

New and improved! Mini Dollfie Dream sock pattern, now better than before. It includes a small allowance which is sufficient for most stretchy fabrics, test your materials and add more if needed. I also noted lengths for a thigh-high and over-knee style sock, assuming you have about 1cm hem at the top.

Custom DDH-01

After a few false starts, I finally finished this gal! She’s a commissioned ddh-01 custom, with modded mouth, nose and eyes. Although the look is based on a custom by White Dolly Story, I ended up doing my own take on it. I think her painted mouth is especially cute ^_^

MDD Prisma Illya

I’ve been busy with faceups and other projects, so I haven’t updated as much here lately. But, I’m happy to have my photo setup back for a little while. I took some photos to welcome the new girl, MDD Prisma Illya! MDD semi-white body is super cute, I hope it becomes a standard item. I…


I really adore Yaya as MDD! The name ‘Maya’ keeps popping into my head when I see her- mini? yaya? – anyway, it’s stuck now, so I’ll go with it. This wig from Mandarake is super cute on her, their ‘airy wave’ style is one of my favorites.

Doll Lab under construction

It’s not the website under construction this time, it’s my home! All of the sewing and doll goodies had to be packed away, leaving a very sad empty-looking room… Meanwhile Lumi decided to investigate my former office, soon to be a new master bedroom. “Hmm, for being called ‘drywall’ it sure does look wet!” “But…