Custom DD Rina Ogata

My latest faceup project is ready for her reveal! We’re starting to get some spring weather here, so I rushed at the opportunity to start sealing some heads for faceups. Fortunately the weather had a few more good windows and I was able to finish up my first project for 2022 this weekend. Rina has…

Custom DD Reimu

DD Reimu was on my wishlist for a while, so when she showed up for a good price on the Dollfie Dreams forum I couldn’t resist. I tested her as a catboy with the DDS boy body, but wasn’t quite sure if it worked or not. Looks cute with the DearSD outfit, though! Blank Reimu shows…

New Arrivals: Anastasia and Emilia

Two new girls arrived the same week! Looks almost like they could be sisters, right? Anya had be on pre-order for more than a year, but Emilia was more of an impulse decision. Fortunately her lottery wasn’t competitive, maybe interest in ReZero has dwindled. I like the character and the anime, and for me she’s…

Cute Summer Asuka

Took more photos of my repainted Asuka back when I was busy, and finally got a chance to process them. She looks really adorable with the DDS body ^_^ Faceup/eyes: jadepixel Wig: Dollce Top/socks: jadepixel Shorts: Alice’s Collection

Summer Chihaya

Trying a new lighting setup for indoor photos~ Canon 7D is pretty bad in low-light situations so I have a lot of workarounds to take doll photos >.< But Chihaya looks cute regardless! She's wearing an summery sundress I sewed back in the day, and the basket belongs to Neris.

Alice Arrival

Meet the newest member to join Jadepixel School for Magical Girls – Alice! I gave her a quick style change with a school uniform and Mandarake wig, and I’m looking forward to creating a custom faceup for her eventually.