cherry maid brigade

I didn’t think the full apron went well with the red maid dress, so of course I sewed another dress! It’s the same pattern as Yuki’s red maid dress, using a pink cherry patterned fabric with black lace and ribbon trims, and a couple of cute cherry hairclips. This time I made new socks, too.

Akiba Saber

Saber borrows Moe’s outfit to go out on the town :DWith her alternate eyes, her expression is softer and she has a nice girl-next-door look. I think this outfit really suits her!

DDS body

I resolved this year to get more bodies for all my floating heads. Last week I scored the last parts needed to complete a DDS body. DDS poses so nicely! The DD2 L-bust fits on the DDS frame without much issue, and changing busts is no longer an ordeal. Now I really can’t wait for…