Azone pureneemo and other azone dolls and related accessories

Swan Lake Raili

My favorite of the Azone Ex-Cute girls is Raili, so of course I had to get the fairy tale version of her! This version is a collaboration with ‘Silver Butterfly’. I don’t know much about these artists collabs, though I have seen the artist names in some of my older Dollybird books so I’m guessing…

Halloween Speck

While I had my fall set still assembled, I took a few pics of Miss Speck. She can wear a few odd Azone clothes, though the S and M shirts are generally too small. Azone needs to make more L size outfits for her and Sena!

Revolutionary Girl Utena doll

Pre-orders are open for Azone’s 1/3 scale Tenjou Utena doll! No worries if you haven’t heard of this character, the series Revolutionary Girl Utena is 15 years old, but due to the anniversary new merchandise is getting released. I’m a mega fan of this series, and until I saw the announcement from Azone in February…