DDP Iori Minase Arrival!

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Iori finally arrived! Pre-ordering her from Volks USA means she took much longer to arrive here than the rest of the world, but on the plus side I didn’t have to pay off two dolls at once and I got a cute Christmas card from Volks USA staff <3


My first impressions of the new Dollfie Dream Pretty body are good- nothing feels off about the proportions, and she fits nicely in height between MDD and DD girls. Since I’m not a fan of the pink IMas outfits, I went first for a 50cm Azone set which was pretty tight at the waist but wearable and looks great on her. I think they’d fit a larger bust size too, it was just the petticoat that was tricky.


Her default eyes are really pretty! And Volks made her eyelashes very glossy- I like it!


DDP comes with the upgraded wrist parts, which can do side tilt as well and up-and-down motion. It allows for some cute poses like this~


As other folks noticed, the DDP comes with different hands even though standard DD hands are compatible. The hands are slightly smaller sculpt, but not chubby like MDD. Unfortunately there’s some webbing on the fingers, which I’ve seen on most Volks resin dolls but never on vinyl before. Not sure if I’ll fix it- I’m curious to try shrinking some regular DD hands for her instead. MDD hands don’t fit, by the way, but DD hands are easy to swap on.


I later noticed that the ankles have improved motion as well- good for action poses! I didn’t see a huge improvement on the spine mobility despite the new f3 frame system, but the shoulder and elbows joints look much sturdier and the shrug motion is better built into the frame. No ugly screws on the elbows, and fingers crossed no more cracks there, either.


Apologies for the crummy photo, but here’s a quick shot to show height difference (exaggerated a bit by different stands/shoes, but you get the idea)


Trying out older MDD outfits, and so far everything fits though shirts and skirts will be shorter on her. She looks a bit leggy with MDD sets, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing?


Merry Christmas, everyone!