CLOSED – Custom 24mm Eyes Pre-Order

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Thanks for your support!
The period for ordering is ended. New eyes are now in production!


Jadepixel hand-made resin eyes have returned for a special custom pre-order opportunity!

This is your chance to get the one-of-a-kind eye design that perfectly suits your character. In addition, you can order existing styles and color variations of those styles for no extra charge.

Orders will be accepted through 9/16/2016. After that time, please allow 4-6 weeks for manufacture and shipping of your eyes.

These eyes work with most DD heads and Smart Doll Mirai. I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out the best technique to make eyes, but they’re not completely perfect. Please read the following carefully before ordering:

  • These eyes are made in 24mm diameter size but can be used with many DD that take 22mm eyes. Not recommended for DD that use smaller eyes such as Sheryl Nome, DDH-02, DDH-10, Rise, Alna, Kos-Mos, MDD heads, SQ Lab, etc.
  • Eyes are amateur hand-made items and may contain small defects like bubbles, dust, discoloration, uneven size, or slightly off-center pupil. I use the same quality eyes in all my photos but if you are particular about flaws do not order. No returns or refunds for this reason.
  • Resin will yellow over time. To extend the life of your eyes keep away from sunlight and store in a cool, dark place when not in use.
  • Eye colors may appear inconsistent on different monitors, I’ve tried to make my photos as accurate as possible. Also, the metallic eye designs can appear bright or dark depending on the quality of light. Eyes in photos are lit with camera flash.

Apologies if that was a bit long, but I want to be sure everyone who orders can enjoy their new eyes!


$20 per custom design
$15 per eye pair
$5 USA shipping
$8 Canada shipping
$14 Everywhere else shipping

Currently only accepting payments via Paypal. There may be additional shipping fees for orders of 6 or more pairs. Overseas customers are responsible for customs fees, let me know how you wish to value your parcel.


How to Order:
The design fee is per design, and can be used for as many eyes as you like. You can get simple color variations of your design for no additional charge.
Example – One original eye design and two pairs of eyes with that design = 20 + 15 + 15 = $50 + shipping.

You can also order any of the eye designs pictured above, and you can get simple color variations of those designs as well.
Example – One pair Style 2A, and one pair Style 4 with pale yellow color = 15 + 15 = $30 + shipping.

Also, if you only want a custom design to manufacture your own eyes, I can deliver a high-res layered TIFF or PSD file for you.
Example – Design only, no eyes = $20.

When ordering custom designs and color variations, please include links or images for reference.

Custom Design Examples



Style 1-G – DD Yaya





Style 2-G – MDD Prisma Ilya


Style 3-D – Smart Doll Mirai


Style 4-G – MDD Yui




















Style 5-G – MDD Maria