Summer Photo Roundup

Time for another photo roundup! Lately Anya has been looking very sweet in pink and blue. I changed out her eyes for 20mm acrylic designs and the darker look really suits her!   My custom modded DDH-01 girl has been rocking this cute setup since Easter ^_^ And for warmer weather Yuki has also swapped…

Spring Yuki and Kirika

Changing seasons mean changing outfits~ Yuki looks great in a fantasy theme dress with home made flower crown, but of course Yuki looks good in everything. I like how her dark eyes always seem to meet your gaze. For these photos I reduced the contrast and brightened the darker values to create an atmospheric, dreamy…

Winter Style Kirika and Yuki

Trying a different look for Kirika with a white Leeke wig and homemade eyes. And of course Yuki looks gorgeous as always, she’s wearing the new Brown Bambi set from Volks. I think Volks was too generous on the sizing specs for this set, I found the outer dress looked way too big on SS…

Sheryl Style Yuki

Yuki is borrowing Sheryl’s wig for a quick photoshoot! Her usual wig is a Volks peach pink one, but Sheryl’s was similar enough that I had to try it. She’s been rocking this cute dress all summer, but before changing had to commemorate the look in photos ^_^

Yuki Returns

After a long break, I finally got my photo gear unpacked and my doll photo space set up again! Of course Yuki gets to try it out first. She’s modeling the Volks Boyish Preppy set, which I’m happy to declare does not stain after a safety wash/soak for the socks and shorts.

cherry maid brigade

I didn’t think the full apron went well with the red maid dress, so of course I sewed another dress! It’s the same pattern as Yuki’s red maid dress, using a pink cherry patterned fabric with black lace and ribbon trims, and a couple of cute cherry hairclips. This time I made new socks, too.

Yuki maid

Finished my first project from the pattern book! After a few trial runs I finished the ‘One-piece miniskirt’ ‘Short apron’ ‘Small cuffs’ ‘Short petticoat’ and ‘Frill headband’. The socks are borrowed from the swallowtail maid set, though the book’s pattern is pretty similar to my own sock pattern. The dress is fully lined so I…