Junkyspot Hujoo Freya

Freya is a new anthro BJD collab project between Hujoo and and US retailer JunkySpot. Of course I can’t resist the kitties, and the fact that she can wear Azone Pureneemo clothes is an extra plus! And this is really for real my last faceup for a while, I’m completely out of MSC.

Bianca casual

Got a cute new casual outfit for Bianca (azone pureneemo raili)Even at this tiny size the details are very nice! She looks like the girls I saw in Shinjuku this past May, very stylish :)

Better pureneemo pics

Took a few better photos of my 2 small girls.Unnamed obitsu custom- Bianca (Majokko Raili) had a wardrobe malfunction- the elastic snapped on her petticoat when changing clothes. She’s wearing the capelet as a skirt for now. Also, the head skintone doesn’t match her body very well. Azone quality control disappoints :( At least they…