Took a few better photos of my 2 small girls.
Unnamed obitsu custom-

Bianca (Majokko Raili) had a wardrobe malfunction- the elastic snapped on her petticoat when changing clothes. She’s wearing the capelet as a skirt for now. Also, the head skintone doesn’t match her body very well. Azone quality control disappoints :(

At least they are cute together <3


  1. Whoa! You could probably complain about the head and body not matching that badly! Mine matches pretty much spot on 0_0

    I don’t know who you ordered her through, but whenever I’ve had an issue, I contact HLJ (I order through them) and Azone has always been very prompt in fixing the problem!!

    Your girls are so cute though!!! I love em! XD

    • Thanks! I feel bad since I didn’t notice before, but I picked her up in Tokyo. With the full dress on it wasn’t really visible. Maybe I can contact Azone directly.

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