Dollfie Dream

White Kitty Alice

Confession time: I take a lot of Alice photos ’cause she’s so darn cute! Lately she’s rocking this white Leeke wig with white kitty ears, and a sexy-cute Volks outfit. Meow! She has a custom faceup and hand-made resin eyes.

Early Spring Photo Roundup

Ready for spring yet? It’s almost here! Things have been crazy busy lately, and I’ve only managed to squeeze in a few doll photos here and there. I’d like to take some time for a real photoshoot, but I’ve been busy with eye experiments, sewing, and plenty of non-doll commitments. So for now, enjoy a…

Photo Roundup Winter Style

I don’t always have time and energy to do a doll photoshoot for every super cute look, but I do try and get a few snaps of my faves. First up is Maria, who’s been sporting this cute look for a while now. Definitely a princess type! Her outfit is from Volks SDC Mina, the…