Metallic print eyes

My latest eye experiment! These eyes are printed on metallic paper from Nations Photo Lab. They look great, especially the simple colorful designs like the red in center. I need to make the lens part slightly larger since the metallic paper isn’t flexible at all. The prints cost about $2 per 8×10 sheet which makes…

Hikari – Custom DDH-08

Hikari became an MDD for the latest photoshoot! It’s a pretty cute combo, right? I acquired some wishlist outfits from yahoo auctions, and even though they’re made for SDC they do fit MDD perfectly! This one is the ‘Sugar Pearl Dress’ set from 2007. Hikari is also modeling some new eyes I made, the design…

Ringo – custom DDH-09

Earlier this winter I acquired a DDH-09 head (they aren’t too pricey if you find the right auction) and now that the weather’s nicer I finally gave her a faceup. I think the 09 head looks similar to Volks idolm@ster girls, and that inspired me to give her a look similar to Ranko or Takane.…

Summer Chihaya

Trying a new lighting setup for indoor photos~ Canon 7D is pretty bad in low-light situations so I have a lot of workarounds to take doll photos >.< But Chihaya looks cute regardless! She's wearing an summery sundress I sewed back in the day, and the basket belongs to Neris.

Alice Arrival

Meet the newest member to join Jadepixel School for Magical Girls – Alice! I gave her a quick style change with a school uniform and Mandarake wig, and I’m looking forward to creating a custom faceup for her eventually.