Custom SQ Lab Hibiki Head


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This is an original SQ Lab Hibiki head, given a custom faceup by me (jadpixel) in 2020. The head was carefully sealed with MSC Matte, and painted with Liquitex acrylic and pastel powder, with a coat of Liquitex gloss varnish on the lips.

The faceup has some flaws – most noticeably shiny/light spots due to sealant overspray/splatter which are circled in the photos. Because this is a hand-painted faceup, and the head itself is made by hand from a small studio, other imperfections are normal and aren’t considered defects. Please check the photos carefully if you’re concerned about hand-made irregularities.

SQ Lab heads are made of resin with a magnetic headcap and metal headplate for authenticity. The color matches Volks NS/Flesh and this head is a good fit for Volks MDD and DDP bodies. In the photos she’s using a Flesh DDP body. The head a few years old but is in good condition, no apparent yellowing of the resin color.

This sale is for the head only – no wig, doll body, or clothes, etc. Random B-grade 20mm urethane eyes will be included.