Custom semi-white HDD-06

Had a bit of sunshine this week, and since I was already finishing up a faceup commission that was long delayed, I decided to work on this blank HDD-06 head too. Painting semi-white heads is awesome! It was a good chance to try some new materials and colors, too. The liquitex soft body/medium body acrylics…


I really adore Yaya as MDD! The name ‘Maya’ keeps popping into my head when I see her- mini? yaya? – anyway, it’s stuck now, so I’ll go with it. This wig from Mandarake is super cute on her, their ‘airy wave’ style is one of my favorites.

Yuki Returns

After a long break, I finally got my photo gear unpacked and my doll photo space set up again! Of course Yuki gets to try it out first. She’s modeling the Volks Boyish Preppy set, which I’m happy to declare does not stain after a safety wash/soak for the socks and shorts.

Doll Lab under construction

It’s not the website under construction this time, it’s my home! All of the sewing and doll goodies had to be packed away, leaving a very sad empty-looking room… Meanwhile Lumi decided to investigate my former office, soon to be a new master bedroom. “Hmm, for being called ‘drywall’ it sure does look wet!” “But…