Lovely Mina

Mina got a lovely new outfit~ I’m fairly certain it’s made by Volks but I don’t know the name or release. It’s hard to find outfits that suit SDC well so I’m happy this one worked out.

Cute Mina

I’m clearing out some of my 6-7″ wigs (pics on flickr) and since Mina was such a cute model, I took a few extra pics ^_^ The pink wig with buns is from Luts, the quality is similar to Leeke and fits SDC nicely. Not planning to sell this one, it’s just what she’s been…

SDC Mina Manicure

The default SDC hands left a lot to be desired, so I carved away seams and extra resin, and gave them a nice natural blush. Since hands end up in so many of my photos, I’ll try to do more manicures in the future ^_^

SDC Mina

I got my first Volks resin girl, she’s tiny and adorable! I can’t help ogling her gorgeous faceup ^_^ The posability and engineering of the new SDC body is great, I really expected to be irritated trying to pose her versus my vinyl dolls but she’s actually cooperative. The downside is that I now have…