22mm Rem (C) Urethane Eyes


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This pair of urethane eyes is a hand-made original design for Dollfie Dream, Smart Doll and similar. ‘No Dome’ eyes have a hemispheric shape that better fits a larger range of heads, and allows for a variety of expressions with less gaps on the sides.

22mm size is recommended for most Dollfie Dream and Smart Dolls.

Print style: Metallic
Eye shape: No Dome

C-grade eyes have more noticeable flaws than B-grade, which is reflected in a lower price.

These eyes are available at a discount because they have some imperfections – small bubbles, off-center designs, dust or scratches, etc. I use this quality of eye in my own dolls and I find the imperfections aren’t normally visible, however if you insist on perfect eyes then these eyes aren’t for you. The eyes pictured are exactly what you’ll receive, so check the photo carefully. Eyes are sold only as the set pictured, and can’t be returned or replaced.


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