Yuki maid

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Finished my first project from the pattern book!

After a few trial runs I finished the ‘One-piece miniskirt’ ‘Short apron’ ‘Small cuffs’ ‘Short petticoat’ and ‘Frill headband’. The socks are borrowed from the swallowtail maid set, though the book’s pattern is pretty similar to my own sock pattern. The dress is fully lined so I can make red, black or navy blue maid sets to my heart’s content now without fear of stains :)

I was able to understand most of the instructions with limited Japanese knowledge, mainly going by the images and a few years experience sewing for dolls. If you’ve never sewn a bodice, sleeve or gathered ruffle you’ll struggle to follow this book. I’d recommend starting with easy knit items like socks and free-size or elastic waistband skirts before you attempt a maid dress.

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