Yaya Twins

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If you find twins adorable, proceed with caution. The following content is extremely cute!

Thanks to a DollfieDreams forum member, I was able to trade my custom Lucy head for a Yaya head. Not that I didn’t like Lucy, but she felt superfluous after I got Alice and I’ve been meaning to pare down my collection a bit. I had just posted a forum thread to trade some of my girls when I saw that Yaya was up for grabs and I figured I’d make an offer. One great thing about the BJD community is you can do fun things like trading doll bits with other folks! It’s a nice way to get some fresh doll goodies and escape the stress of money and prices that seems to come with a collectibles hobby. My plan is to repaint Yaya, but when she arrived I realized I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do a twins photoshoot! Maya (my original Yaya) has a DD III L-bust body and is wearing the Purple Dreams maid dress, Leeke custom wig, and my homemade resin eyes. Yaya 2 has Yoko’s DDy body and is wearing the Volks Swallowtail maid dress, with a Leeke custom wig and handmade resin eyes.