winter Mariko and home-made stand

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My girls got some new casual goodies from Dolline on Etsy. This sweater looks super cute on Mariko!


I also realized I never took photos of my home made wooden doll stand. It’s made from some basic wood pieces, primed and painted, with modgepodged paper deco on the base and felt underneath to prevent scratches. The doll is held by some sturdy electrical wire formed into a saddle shape. They’re not fancy enough to sell but it does the job :)


And some more cute Mariko for good measure:


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  1. Pharaviel

    She is extremely cute!
    I was checking out the Dolline shop too, what do you think of the quality?

    • jadepixel

      Thanks :D
      The quality is really good for the price! There are a few uneven seams but for a handmade item it’s not bad.
      One thing about the sweater is that there is no opening in the back, so you will have to remove the head to get it on. For DD that’s not a big issue though.