Volks SD Anais boy

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My Anais boy arrived! At least, I’m pretty certain he’s Anais, but there’s no paperwork and the headplate indicates he’s a one-off. Inside the head there’s a number ‘4’ carved but no faceup artist info.
He’s totally a fixer-upper, his old SD10 body is janky and his faceup has some damage. Still, he’s pretty charming from normal viewing distance :)
For these photos he’s borrowing an extra pair of SDGr girl hands, wearing a Leeke wig and sporting the dapper Dollheart set that he came with. Surprisingly he doesn’t seem to have yellowed much, so I should be able to get a newer body for him- maybe SDGr boy? I don’t want him to be much taller than my Lorina. He’s more like a kid brother for her. And of course, I still need to figure out what his name will be!