Volks Blue Mille-Feuille Dress Set Review

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The Blue Check Dress Set wasn’t the only item I picked up at the last Dolpa after event, I was also able to score one of my top wish list outfits as well! The Blue Mille-Feuille Dress Set is part of Volks ‘Best of Best Selection’ re-releases for 2015, and they released the original SD size as well as a new MSD version. Since I don’t have the original release to compare, this review is only for the new, SD version of the set.


This set appears to be inspired by classic lolita fashion labels such as Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden. It’s comprised of a one-piece dress, long sleeved blouse, hairband and pannier. The pannier is a simple starched tulle apparently the same as with the Blue Check Dress set. The dress colors are lovely and subtle in person, earthy with creamy off-white tones in the lace. I hope you have some off-white socks handy, because Volks didn’t include any- seems like they should have for the price, particularly with the MSD sized version which costs nearly the same as SD. The blouse though should work great separately with other coordinates. I was concerned the blue material would be too shiny or polyester looking, but in person it’s not so bad as I feared.


Unfortunately this outfit features one of my pet peeves, the tie-your-own-bow dilemma. At least it’s in the back and not the front! Still something of a pain to fuss with the ribbon until it looks nice. I did the best I could using the existing ribbon folds (it ships tied) to recreate the bow in the packaging, but I found it worked best on my larger-waisted SDGr.


Overall, it’s a lovely set and worth pursuing if you’ve got a classic-lolita inclined girl in your posse. It seems unlikely to stain DD and fits really well for an SD-oriented release. Melty approves!