Volks Blue Check Dress Set Review

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I was fortunate to snag some doll goodies from the last after event (Dolpa Kyoto 12) so I figured I would do a quick review before they come to the USA shop.

First up in the Blue Check Dress Set (ブルーチェックワンピセット) a summery sun dress in pastel blue and pink. I’m not a huge pastel fan but the adorable neckline with the collar suckered me in. The materials and even the belt seem unlikely to stain, so it’s nice to have a cute DDY set that I can leave Yoko in for an extended period.

It’s sized to fit DDL and DDDY, but I found even on DDY the waist part was a bit too loose for my taste. I also found that on Yoko the elastic waistband of the pannier would slide up and make the waistline more frumpy than it should be. This may not be an issue for less hippy DD, but I haven’t tried it yet. The dress fastens with a series of hidden snaps in the front, which seems to work well though you may have to style the dress a bit to avoid gapping at the bust. In addition to the dress and basic pannier, the set includes a pink belt which seems like pretty good quality, and two hair ‘chous’ or scrunchies. These are a big improvement over the laceup top set hair ties, which were elastic with a hook system to hold them in place- it was pretty useless, they often fell off. The new chous are made with a flexible metal band inside, similar to how Volks makes headbands, and it’s much easier to use. The chous can be bent to bracket onto a ponytail, and are less likely to mess up your hairstyling that way. That should be a big boon to all the Miku wig owners out there!

Overall, I think the set could have been tailored better considering it’s only designed for DDY and DDL, but the quality is good and the apparent stain safety is a big plus.