Swan Lake Raili

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My favorite of the Azone Ex-Cute girls is Raili, so of course I had to get the fairy tale version of her! This version is a collaboration with ‘Silver Butterfly’. I don’t know much about these artists collabs, though I have seen the artist names in some of my older Dollybird books so I’m guessing they’re big-name doll customizers in Japan.


My concern that this Raili would look too similar to the Majokko version were off base, in person she’s got a distinctly different faceup (the darker eyes help) and her hair is more of a cool silver color. One weird thing is that her scalp is painted light blue! You can’t really see it in photos, but it could be a problem if you want to re-style or re-root her hair.


Now I have all the Raili releases except for one… but soon the family will be complete!


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  1. Congratulations on her arrival~ :D I have her on the way, too, but I’m only keeping the outfit for my Majokko Raili and the doll will go live with someone else. I, too, thought that she’s quite similar to Majokko Raili, so I reasoned that I don’t need to keep this one as well… trying to limit the size of the neemo family before they completely take over. *cough* u__u;;

    Aww, all those sweet Railis in one photo, though! *___* ♥ So much cuteness! And whaat, a light blue scalp? That seems a bit… random. :’D I wonder what their reasoning was for that colour. That outfit is so, so cute! I especially love the swan illustration on the hem. ;__; ♥ Must try to stay patient until Monday… … xD

    • jadepixel

      Thanks! Her outfit is really lovely in person, lots of tiny adorable details. I think your majokko Raili will look really cute in this outfit <3
      I'm trying to limit myself to (mostly) Raili because all the neemos are so cute, it's too tempting to try to get more and end up overwhelmed by dolls completely XD