Supabonbon and Amanita (KikiPOP)

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Since my KikiPOP girl Amanita arrived, I wanted to find more cute outfits for her. After prowling around Esty I discovered SupaBonBon, a Chinese workshop that sews adorable outfits for Blythe, Kiki, etc. About 2 months after I ordered, a small parcel with the set arrived – dress, petticoat, stockings, and bloomer. They didn’t have a photo of the KikiPOP version of this outfit, so I’m glad it ended up being really cute. I was happy to find that Amanita could squeeze her fat feet into some Luts YoSD size shoes, so the set looks complete ^_^


The fabric and ribbons all have a light, delicate feeling- not like low quality, but perhaps fragile. The details and stitching are nice and it fits her really well! My only complaint is that the pre-order bonus skirt that was supposed to ship with this set was not included. I’m reluctant to contact SupaBonBon since I doubt I would use the skirt anyway, but it comes off as a bit disorganized. Overall though I’m happy with the set, and I’m looking forward to their future releases.