Strawberry Chocolate Illya

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Time for Illya’s photoshoot in the MDD sized Strawberry Chocolate Lolita set! As you can see it’s made from the same materials as the other sets, but the design is different and has an asymmetrical upper skirt. The quality of the set is good and it seems pretty safe from transferring color.

I also picked up the kitty bloomers and pink shoes to go with the set, but they’re a little disappointing. The kitty band isn’t as nice as my fluffy Suijin cat ears, and the bloomers are plain cotton. The kitty tail is wired for posing, but it’s not detachable- seems odd since the dress bustle is detachable? But that’s just Volks I guess. Speaking of the bustle, it does have an annoyingly cheap safety pin that’s supposed to attach it to the back of the dress- I just used one of the back fastening hooks to secure the pin instead of poking holes in the dress. But anyway, kitty bloomers/headband are meh for the price.

The pink shoes are a bit brighter pink than the rest of the set, and look bulky on MDD feet. Disappointing since I have similar Volks shoes in black that are my favorites. Instead of picking these I’d suggest another pink pair of shoes, or also brown shoes are cute for this look. For folks who were stressing out about picking up all the coordinate pieces to go with these sets, I’d say relax since there’s probably nicer alternatives for the same look.

I switched out Illya’s wig from the last photos, decided to go with the PinkCocktail/Evecream MixRoll wig from Leeke. It’s similar to the one I used for Alice’s photoshoot, guess I just have a thing for pink/blond wigs ;3




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