Sewing project: Sleepy Sheep set

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Hello again! It’s been a while since my last update, life’s been busy and I’ve been feeling too tired to create much at the end of the day. Sometimes the long dark days of winter get me down… so I was happy to find myself in a mood for sewing! Despite dreary weather, bright fabric and ribbon trims are always cheery, and I don’t feel too guilty for staying warm indoors.  Also my DDP Iori arrived recently and I really like the proportions of this new body type- reminds me of the characters I usually draw. So the two inspirations merged into one ambitious plan- sew a cute set for DDP!


I wanted to sew some puffy pants, which reminded me of fluffy sheep. Counting sheep makes you sleepy, so that became a cute sleepy sheep girl costume. To seal the deal I found some cute tiny bell and puff trims I knew I had to use! So the plan became a cute Bo-Peep type dress with fleecy pants and trim, and a sheep head dress. Oh, and the shoes had to look a bit like hooves. And ribbon bows on everything! Also, since this is the first time I’m sewing for DDP, all the patterns have to be drafted from scratch. Not complicated, right? ^_^;


After refining the design, I sketched out a quick plan and went shopping for some fabric and ribbon. I wasn’t committed enough to the sketch to dye my own fabric and ribbons, so I got as close as I could with colors that worked well together.


First I sewed the fleecy bits- I tried to make some fleecy puff sleeves, but it just wasn’t working out. Fabric felt fine instead so I settled with fur only on pants, bodice, muffler and cuffs.


The horns are felt with some embroidery thread detailing, and what’s a sheep without some soft floppy ears? Also, check out that tiny bell on the muffler!


The full set! The skirt was surprisingly easy to design and looks adorable – I’ll probably scale it up for my big DD girls at some point.


More poofs on the back ribbon and sides. I think a silk ribbon would have a nicer taper with the poofs on the ends, but I was able to fake it a bit with a fold and some stitches to hold it.


Elastic anklets with ribbon poof details, and some shiny hoof-shoes.


Ribbon lacing and trims are visible on the bodice when the muffler is removed. The hair ribbons are held in place with a bit of white floral wire.


Cute trim on socks! I was excited to find some cute elastic trims, gotta make more socks soon.


And finally, tiny ribbon detail~

Using rolled hem for the skirts ensured they looked neat inside and out- something I wish more doll clothes would do!


And that’s how I spent my February! Thanks for watching, and be sure to comment if there are any DDP patterns you’d like to see in the future!