September Photo Roundup

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It’s been a busy month with the eye orders, other projects and Life getting in the way, but I managed to take a few snaps here and there of my cute doll crew. First up, I snagged a couple new Volks outfits for my growing MDD team. Silky (DDH-06) is of course modeling the pastel and pink ensemble.



I also picked up the mini chinois set, but discovered the bright red is rather hard to photograph with my usual camera setup. A few things to note on this set- although it’s lined there are some red threads on the socks and the top of the bodice where the knotted clasps are sewn on (why Volks why???) Also, it makes sense in hindsight, but the embroidered design on the red fabric is placed differently than in images. It’s not bad but could vary a lot from item to item if they’ve cut the fabric without placement in mind. But doesn’t Nemu look cute with this green wig?




Mariko looking pretty and flowery, I wanted some shots of this outfit before winter came and it had to go back into storage.


Ringo trying new eye designs, they’re a good fit for larger eyes but the design may be too dark.


And I finally found a wig I really like for Felix, my Anais boy. It’s from the same random Taobao shop as Nemu’s green wig, and it’s great quality for the price. Always happy to find some more wig shops!