Ringo went to LA Dolpa 2015

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I took advantage of the holiday weekend to travel to LA and attend Volks LA Dolpa 2015. Didn’t come away with a huge pile of loot, but made lots of new friends (and besides that have already gotten plenty of doll goodies this year!) A lovely time was had and I was quite delighted to meet so many online friends in person for the first time!

Ringo got dressed in a ‘white rabbit’ outfit to match the Alice theme, though I ran out of time to sew a proper head dress for her. The number of attendees was impressive and quite a few (including yours truly) weren’t able to enter the Tea Party and related events, but still got to shop and congregate around the dolls ^_^

While in town I paid a visit to Little Tokyo for shopping at Kinokuniya, Anime Jungle and Q-pop, and visited Getty Center and the Santa Monica pier/shopping district. There’s more photos of the dolls and vacation fun on my flickr page.

Bunny Ringo poses with acquired loot~

Innocentsake gave us her ‘memory rose’ from Volks- thanks~ ^_^

Ringo’s bunny outfit