Purple Dream Sweet Maid Sets

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One of my doll resolutions for this year was to get more hand-made and less Volks/corporate loot for my dolls. I want to support artists in the community, and I want my dolls to look cute and unique too. With that in mind, I tracked down the creator of a cute MDD maid outfit I saw on flickr, and my hunt led me to Purple Dream.

Based in Korea, Purple Dream offers lots of outfits and accessories made especially for DD and MDD. We were able to communicate easily in English via email, and a few months later my custom mint maid dresses arrived! Each set includes a bodice, skirt, petticoat, neck bow, hairband, and stockings. The MDD set can be made with S or L bust size blouse, and I opted for S since I prefer a more innocent look. Although, with the very short skirt in front, the pantsu are just barely hidden, so maybe it’s not so innocent anyway.






The DD size set fits L bust (this bust has the headlights sanded a bit) and the lacing in front makes for a slim fit. You can really see the difference from Volks sets that are made to fit a variety of sizes, they sacrifice silhouette for versatility. The Sweet Maid set is similar in style to the swallowtail maid set from Volks, with more bustle in the back and shorter in the front. For a less scandalous look, a white skirt or petticoat could be added underneath. Overall I’m really pleased with these sets, and since the colors are DD-safe my girls will be styling them for a while :3