Protot-EYE-pe stage 2

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Continuing experiments from earlier, I’m making some progress toward custom resin eyes for DD…

This eye is a good entry-level project since no expensive supplies are really necessary. You can use air-dry plastic like Apoxie Sculpt, apply a printed eye design with Modge Podge, and then seal/gloss using Tamiya X-22 enamel paint or similar. In this case I’m using a base of white resin cast in modeling clay molds, applying the print, and then painting crystal resin on top. The drawbacks are three-fold:
1. Applying prints to the round surface is difficult and prone to failure
2. The round distortion of the design makes eyes much harder to position in the head and obviously very shallow
3. The clear coat is thin and not perfectly smooth (in part due to wrinkles in the paper)

Clearly the best path is the one used by the Japanese dealers; that is to apply the design on a flatter white base and then add a crystal dome using a high quality mold. I’ve found a source for high-quality reusable molds online, saving the trouble of making them in silicone myself, so that will be the next method to try.

From a distance they do look acceptable, I think for one-offs and quick customs it’s ok. Miyuki is modeling a few now :)





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  1. chibinezumi

    I’ve been meaning to comment on your site, so I will start today! Nice work on the eyes! Can’t wait to see your test for the crystal domes. Its always satisfying when you make your own items!

  2. Yeah, putting paper prints on curved surfaces really sucks -_- Have you thought about painting custom eyes? Or doing like the DIY plastic eyes do, where they have a flat spot and then you could just fill it in with gloss? (maybe indent it a little?)

    They do look great from a distance though!!! Very pretty!

  3. jadepixel

    Thanks! I’ll try pouring half of the mold with the crystal resin first, that will give me a flat surface for the print. Then I can fill the rest with white resin, hopefully that will solve the issue :)