PNW BJD Expo 2015

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After missing last year’s expo, I wasn’t sure I could go again this year, but fortunately the stars aligned and I made a last-minute visit to Pacific Northwest BJD Expo in Bremerton, WA.

The show itself is still pretty small, but has a good assortment of BJD studios showing up to exhibit their wares. Ringdoll returned, and a few more big names like Dollmore and Enchanted Doll Eyes were there too. The Canon 7D isn’t too great for indoor shooting, so apologies for the dark/noisy images.
Dollmore had lots of dolls on display, including these HUGE 80cm Lusion dolls.

Ringdoll had lots of hunky fellas and some fantastic outfits on display. They look amazing in person, Ringdoll has really upped their game the past few years.

You can see some con bustle around the ED booth. Sooo many pretty eyes, it’s too hard to choose!

Over at the diorama displays, I found a familiar local DD and her admirer, sort of a ‘Weird Science’ thing here ^_^

Final loot tally- socks, pantsu and a small brooch from Dollmore, glasses for Anthy from a local exhibitor, faceup brush from the local hobby shop, and some pretty ED eyes. The Culur business card is from a local artist who presented the faceup panel, it was pretty inspiring! I’m always interested in learning new techniques and tips.

Charlotte’s new eyes – perfect!

Anthy glasses – they are cute on Lucy too ^_^

And here are a few more shots of the booths, costume contest entries and dioramas~