PNW BJD Expo 2013

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This past weekend was the 2nd ever PNW BJD Expo, held in Bremerton WA. Their vendors and sponsors included some prominent Korean BJD studios, and thus I was enticed from the Doll Lab enclave by promise of pretty shinies. I made my way by land and by sea, and did my best to empty my wallet in the direction of the fine proprietors who made it out this far. Some photos were taken as well, although due to physical limitations they were with Fuji-san and not Canon-san and so are a bit lesser quality.
Overall, a fun and friendly event and a nice change of pace from the huge bustle of large cons like Emerald City. I’m looking forward to attend Uncanny Dreams event later this year :)

A few of the great diorama scenes in the competitions:



Blue Fairy had a lovely booth, you could buy many standard dolls and outfits!


And Charlotte made a friend :3

Finally, a peaceful return trip made via Kingston ferry terminal. So long, Kitsap county!