Photo Roundup Winter Style

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I don’t always have time and energy to do a doll photoshoot for every super cute look, but I do try and get a few snaps of my faves. First up is Maria, who’s been sporting this cute look for a while now. Definitely a princess type! Her outfit is from Volks SDC Mina, the wig is Himekazura and her eyes are handmade.


Next up is Yomako looking sharp in a steampunk-ish Volks outfit with Leeke wig and handmade eyes.


When we got an usually heavy snow (for Seattle area at least!) I brought Alice outside for a quick shoot. Outfit is Volks, wig from Leeke and handmade Twinkle eyes.


Nemu is looking super adorable with an older Volks outfit and Leeke wig.



Finally I got a shot of Felix in some winter casual attire. He’s hiding his hands because I really dislike the default SD hands… he’s gotten some SDGr hands since! Outfit is from two different Volks sets, the wig is from Taobao and eyes are mystery urethanes from Japan.