Photo Roundup: Winter edition

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It’s time again for another photo roundup!
Here’s what’s been happening lately in the doll lab…

Sheryl got to try a new outfit I picked up in Osaka during one of our recent snowy days.

Silky is testing out some jellybean-style resin eyes with her cute mixed white/blue Leeke wig.

My tan DDH-11 girl goes into MDD cute overdrive mode for the Lunar New Year.

Luna is trying a beary cute look in the snow.

Mia got a new outfit from Osaka, too!

Emilia had a chance to test out the DDP body.

Luna tried out the kuma look indoors with a deep blue Dolce wig.

 Karin got to try out my first attempt at needle felting ears.

Leo gave my second attempt a try- these ears are a bit more foxy.

 And Alice got to test out some floppy puppy ears.

Wuff? Thanks for dropping by!